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Download one-shot metal clunks

Dark ambient music: Fear Has Brought You Here

In the song “Fear Has Brought You here” there’s a lot of metal clunking and clanging. All the samples were from me bashing on an empty metal skip. Lots of fun although the initial transients are so high I needed to dial the recording level way back to capture a clean sound. The result was a collection of clean but extremely “real” and raw sounds, not at all like the usual “anvil” hits or other highly processed commercial metal clunks. In some sounds there is also some interesting stereo field differences which also help give them a close-up genuine sound.

You can download a free pack of 16 metal sounds here as a zipped folder of 44KHz stereo one-shots. If they seem very dry and not as “heavy” as those in the song, then you’re right, they do sound different! But be assured they are exactly the samples I used. To get the same effect you’ll need to transpose them down one or even two octaves and add some good reverb.

If you like them then you may want to go a bit deeper and get all 60 sounds. The full pack contains the initial 16 free sounds, but adds more of everything, especially longer scraping sounds. The full pack is just $4. but please download the free ones first to make sure they’re the style you like.

Of course if you’re a supporter on Patreon you can download this (and everything else) as part of your ongoing help, and with my sincere my thanks.

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Download one-shot hits for Erica Synths DB-01

Erica Synths DB-01: Using it as a drum machine

After doing the video (above) about using the Erica Synths DB-01 as a drum machine I just kept on noodling and wiggling. The machine is loads of fun and can do a pretty good job at drums and percussion. Pretty soon I’d recorded a collection of hits, kicks, zaps, splashes, oomphs, noise hits and gritty growls. You can get a rough idea of the sounds by listening to the second half of the video.

If you’d like a free sample pack, here’s the first 16 of the full set of 78 hits. Download is a direct zip file:
Download 16 DB-01 one-shot hits here

All the samples are 16-bit 44KHz stereo. The only processing is from the Fabfilter Pro-Q3 where I did global mid-side processing of the files to roll off the sides below 200Hz. Otherwise they’re straight out of the DB-01 with no compression, limiting or other color. Any overdrive you hear is from the unit’s own overdrive circuit.

Please try the free set first to make sure they’re the style you like. The full set of 78 hits is just $4.

Of course if you’re a supporter on Patreon you can download this (and everything else) as part of your ongoing help, and with my sincere my thanks.

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Dark ambient music: Infiltration

Infiltration - dark ambient / space music by Richard Dehove

Slow, sombre track about alien infiltration of Earth as a preliminary to attack. Instruments used are include the VSTi Omnisphere with piano from Keyscape. The spooky, drony sounds and distortion are from the weird ArcSyn synth, while the squelchy bassline was created using Repro-1. The song was originally composed for a compilation album at Ambientonline. This version is an extensive remix with changed structure, new mix and instrumentation. It was also mastered at Old Colony Mastering by Scott Craggs. The theme is the infiltration of Earth by aliens and our imminent invasion. Like many great sci-fi movies of the 60s it has various metaphorical undertones. Footage is from public domain sci-fi movies, primarily from the 1956 semi-documentary “UFOs: The True Story of Flying Saucers”.

The track is available for high-res download at all the leading online music stores, including:

Alternatively, Patreon supporters get instant access to all my music in high-quality 320k MP3 format:


Space music track: Just Keep the Faith

Just Keep the Faith - dark ambient space music

The quote at the start says: “We’ve worked so hard; we’ve come so far.” The reply is: “Just keep the faith and courage you’ve always shown”. Music is primarily made from the Sub37 along with patches from my Omnisphere Human Voices Redux library and the Insolidus choir library. You can doanload the song at all the usual online music stores – a few choices below. Patreon subscribers of course can download the 320K MP3 direct. Video uses footage from the 1936 movie “The Shape of Things to Come” based on the HG Wells book.

Some online stores for “Just Keep the Faith”


Full audio from the Apollo 11 mission

Everyone knows the famous few soundbites from the Apollo 11 mission. Frankly they’ve been flogged almost to the point of exhaustion. But sometimes some of the most interesting soundbites and passages aren’t the famous ones. Thanks to youtube poster Lunarmodule5 we can listen to the entire mission: 50+ hours as well as the famous Kennedy exhortation and the pre-flight press conference. So sit back, cue up the playlist, and enjoy the mission playing in the background over days. You get a real feel for the times. It also makes for fantastic ambience.

Apollo 11 Pre-Flight Press Conference (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 1 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 2 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11- Day 3 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 4 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 5 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 6 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 7 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 8 Part 1 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 8 Part 2 (Full Mission)


Humans to Mars Summit – video

Few of us have the time or money available to hang out at interesting symposiums and summits (nice to contemplate such a lifestyle though). Happily these are often streamed. Such was the recent “Humans to Mars” summit held in Washington DC. There was a great variety of speakers and topics. Three marathon 8+ hour videos cover the three days of the event. This sort of thing can be interesting to have running in the background as you work with “cocktail hearing” to alert you when favorite topics come up.
Lots of good material, and thanks to the uploader.
Day one:

The Humans to Mars Summit 2019, Day 1, May 14, 2019

Day two:

The Humans to Mars Summit 2019, Day 2, May 15, 2019

Day three:

The Humans to Mars Summit 2019, Day 3, May 16, 2019


Programming tips for the VST synth ArcSyn

A thread on the synth forum KVR asked “what’s your favorite synth to program” ? It is interesting to stop and contemplate. There’s quite a few synths I really enjoy playing; others that I find I can get satisfying sounds from; some are go-tos for a certain type of sound. Then there are those that are actually fun to program. My answer to the question was ArcSyn by SPC.

In the Soundware section of this site you’ll find some soundsets for ArcSyn, but if you just want to learn the joys of programming this excellent machine then perhaps my video might be of some use.

ArcSyn - programming tips and tricks