Full audio from the Apollo 11 mission

Everyone knows the famous few soundbites from the Apollo 11 mission. Frankly they’ve been flogged almost to the point of exhaustion. But sometimes some of the most interesting soundbites and passages aren’t the famous ones. Thanks to youtube poster Lunarmodule5 we can listen to the entire mission: 50+ hours as well as the famous Kennedy exhortation and the pre-flight press conference. So sit back, cue up the playlist, and enjoy the mission playing in the background over days. You get a real feel for the times. It also makes for fantastic ambience.

Apollo 11 Pre-Flight Press Conference (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 1 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 2 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11- Day 3 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 4 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 5 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 6 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 7 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 8 Part 1 (Full Mission)

Apollo 11 - Day 8 Part 2 (Full Mission)

Music from the electromagnetic ether

Vlad Kreimer is an engineer, scientist and inventor now based in Moscow. He is also the man behind SomaSynths.com which builds some extraordinary instruments and audio devices. One of those devices is “Ether”, a pocket-sized device which picks up nearby electromagnetic radiation and amplifies (and presumably frequency-shifts) it into audio signals. After a while on the preorder waiting list I’m happy to say that one of these is now on its way to me. I’ll definitely be posting some examples in the months to come, but for now have a look at the fascinating demo video of Ether:

ETHER by SOMA laboratory

Apollo 11 audio loop

Apollo 11 audio loop

Here’s a link to a fantastic site on the first manned Moon landing. Not only does it give both the air-to-ground and flight director’s loop, it shows who’s speaking and even where they were sitting in the room. I’d love to see an expanded version of this covering hours, but can only imagine how much work it’d be.
The link: https://www.firstmenonthemoon.com/

Humans to Mars Summit – video

Few of us have the time or money available to hang out at interesting symposiums and summits (nice to contemplate such a lifestyle though). Happily these are often streamed. Such was the recent “Humans to Mars” summit held in Washington DC. There was a great variety of speakers and topics. Three marathon 8+ hour videos cover the three days of the event. This sort of thing can be interesting to have running in the background as you work with “cocktail hearing” to alert you when favorite topics come up.
Lots of good material, and thanks to the uploader.
Day one:

The Humans to Mars Summit 2019, Day 1, May 14, 2019

Day two:

The Humans to Mars Summit 2019, Day 2, May 15, 2019

Day three:

The Humans to Mars Summit 2019, Day 3, May 16, 2019

Programming tips for the VST synth ArcSyn

A thread on the synth forum KVR asked “what’s your favorite synth to program” ? It is interesting to stop and contemplate. There’s quite a few synths I really enjoy playing; others that I find I can get satisfying sounds from; some are go-tos for a certain type of sound. Then there are those that are actually fun to program. My answer to the question was ArcSyn by SPC.

In the Soundware section of this site you’ll find some soundsets for ArcSyn, but if you just want to learn the joys of programming this excellent machine then perhaps my video might be of some use.

ArcSyn - programming tips and tricks