Infiltration - dark ambient / space music by Richard Dehove

Slow, sombre track about alien infiltration of Earth as a preliminary to attack. Instruments used are include the VSTi Omnisphere with piano from Keyscape. The spooky, drony sounds and distortion are from the weird ArcSyn synth, while the squelchy bassline was created using Repro-1. The song was originally composed for a compilation album at Ambientonline. This version is an extensive remix with changed structure, new mix and instrumentation. It was also mastered at Old Colony Mastering by Scott Craggs. The theme is the infiltration of Earth by aliens and our imminent invasion. Like many great sci-fi movies of the 60s it has various metaphorical undertones. Footage is from public domain sci-fi movies, primarily from the 1956 semi-documentary “UFOs: The True Story of Flying Saucers”.

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