Dark ambient music: Fear Has Brought You Here

In the song “Fear Has Brought You here” there’s a lot of metal clunking and clanging. All the samples were from me bashing on an empty metal skip. Lots of fun although the initial transients are so high I needed to dial the recording level way back to capture a clean sound. The result was a collection of clean but extremely “real” and raw sounds, not at all like the usual “anvil” hits or other highly processed commercial metal clunks. In some sounds there is also some interesting stereo field differences which also help give them a close-up genuine sound.

You can download a free pack of 16 metal sounds here as a zipped folder of 44KHz stereo one-shots. If they seem very dry and not as “heavy” as those in the song, then you’re right, they do sound different! But be assured they are exactly the samples I used. To get the same effect you’ll need to transpose them down one or even two octaves and add some good reverb.

If you like them then you may want to go a bit deeper and get all 60 sounds. The full pack contains the initial 16 free sounds, but adds more of everything, especially longer scraping sounds. The full pack is just $4. but please download the free ones first to make sure they’re the style you like.

Of course if you’re a supporter on Patreon you can download this (and everything else) as part of your ongoing help, and with my sincere my thanks.

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