Altair-4 soundset for ArcSyn

As I write this ArcSyn celebrates its fifth birthday. It's now at version 4 with many enhancement since its initial release. Like many people I have a lot of VSTi synthesizers. Some, I'm sad to say, I've bought on impulse, or because of some exciting feature only to find the fire die away quickly. ArcSyn is remarkable in that after five years it's still my favorite synth to program and use. Not only is it simply fun, it has so many possibilities from its many oscillators and LFO types that you can go in a new direction every time.

Altair-4 has a wide variety of patches many of which I've made just for the sheer fun of programming, the challenge of making something specific, or for specific projects. Some of my favorites are the bpm-synced heartbeat patch; the generative ambient patches like Starship Bridge; the series of "stinger" sounds; the beautiful phaser-based keys, the gabber drum patches, the synced bass patches (far superior to arpeggios), and the reverb freeze-style Infinite Solo patch. Oh, and of course the Shortwave Radio patch - reminds me of being a kid again twiddling our old red-and-white valve radio. In the patches you'll also find a nod to many old sci-fi movies.

Join me in celebrating the hidden beauty and power of ArcSyn.

Altair-4 soundset for ArcSyn

The Altair-4 soundset is just US$20.
100 patches



* To install, unzip the file and drag the folder of sounds into your ArcSyn preset folder. It is located in the "Documents" folder on both PC and Mac. For more info about ArcSyn in general see the ArcSyn online manual here: