New space music CD: “The Way to the Stars”

Moody space music with soundtrack and orchestral color, theremin sounds, 50s sci-fi vibe, hypnotic ambience and classic analog synth. One online ambient radio channel described it as “quite unique with the use of chants, spoken word and cinematic scoring”. The CD (in a great full-color foldout folio jacket) and MP3 downloads are available at all the popular places including CD Baby, Amazon, and all the other major online channels. Each track has its own video. See the videos and notes for each track on the space music page here.

Sputnik soundset for ArcSyn

ArcSyn by SPC software is an incredibly deep VST synthesizer. Its combination of unusual oscillators, filters, noise sources and LFO sequencer makes it capable of some unique sounds. “Sputnik” is a collectioon of 100 sounds from subtle keys and pads to complex textures and syncronized basses.