Erica Synths DB-01: Using it as a drum machine

After doing the video (above) about using the Erica Synths DB-01 as a drum machine I just kept on noodling and wiggling. The machine is loads of fun and can do a pretty good job at drums and percussion. Pretty soon I’d recorded a collection of hits, kicks, zaps, splashes, oomphs, noise hits and gritty growls. You can get a rough idea of the sounds by listening to the second half of the video.

If you’d like a free sample pack, here’s the first 16 of the full set of 78 hits. Download is a direct zip file:
Download 16 DB-01 one-shot hits here

All the samples are 16-bit 44KHz stereo. The only processing is from the Fabfilter Pro-Q3 where I did global mid-side processing of the files to roll off the sides below 200Hz. Otherwise they’re straight out of the DB-01 with no compression, limiting or other color. Any overdrive you hear is from the unit’s own overdrive circuit.

Please try the free set first to make sure they’re the style you like. The full set of 78 hits is just $4.

Of course if you’re a supporter on Patreon you can download this (and everything else) as part of your ongoing help, and with my sincere my thanks.

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