A video of the rare Cristal Baschet instrument. It’s apparently based on lab equipment of the 19th century, but reworked into a musical instrument. The idea is that you rub glass rods and the vibration is transferred to metal rods and blocks. Here there’s also amplifying cones. Easier seen and heard than described:

Marc Chouarain presents the Cristal Baschet (Rare Instruments)

Not really a portable or even easily giggable device but very expressive and produces lovely tones. More info here: https://www.thomasbloch.net/en_cristal-baschet.html

Something somewhat similar in VST-land is GlassWorks by Sonic Couture here.
It’s a glass harp rather than a Cristel Baschet, although in any case, it’s software. Haven’t used it myself but the demo sounds good and SonicCouture is well regarded, although it a bit pricey at $189. It was released in 2012.

Glass/Works - Product Tour and Preset Preview