“Sputnik” soundset for ArcSyn

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After decades programming synths I’ve finally made my first set for download. This is for the remarkable “ArcSyn“. It has a fascinating combination of features including a huge range of oscillators, filters, noise sources and a unique 16-step LFO sequencer. With that combination it can produce a range of sound from the delicately organic and subtle to complex randomized textures.
The soundset has a wide range of sounds from delicate pure tones, to leads and keys with subtle randomizations, spooky, moody textures, and a big range of “sync” sounds using the LFO sequencer. All the sync sounds are tempo locked so will work in time with your song tempo. Watch the video for all the details.

Every sound has the modwheel individually programmed. In many cases it morphs the patch into something related yet quite different. Be sure to try the wheel on every sound!

Watch the patch walkthrough to hear all 100 sounds in action:

Sputnik soundset for ArcSyn

The Sputnik soundset is just US$20. And since this is my first soundset, use the coupon code “first” for a $5 discount:
100 patches

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* To install, unzip the file and drag the folder of sounds into your ArcSyn preset folder. It is located in the “Documents” folder on both PC and Mac. For more info see the ArcSyn online manual here: